Welcome to the official site of Ascension Paranormal Research Team. We are paranormal investigators based in Cincinnati, Ohio. While our recent investigations have been in and around the Cincinnati area, we have investigated locations in Northern Kentucky and North Michigan. Our goal is to expand our investigation area to the entire United States as well as provide concise evidence to the general public and allow those who want, to explore the belief in spiritual realms while using science, technology and history along with our abilities. Our recent investigations have included various types of sites, including businesses, private residences, public places and historical sites. Helping others who are experiencing paranormal events is our core objective.

All of our investigators bring value to our team, because of our unique views. Combined, our team has over fifty (50) years of study in subjects related to paranormal activity. We use both scientific and spiritual methods in each investigation to prove or disprove any suspected haunting, when able to be proven. Our mission is to discover the truth for our client, and to assist them in achieving a better understanding of the paranormal activity they are experiencing. While trust is a very important part of our relationship with each client, their confidentiality and privacy are paramount.

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